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GNS3 - Hide Management Layer from Topology

GNS3 - Hide Management Layer from Topology

If the topology uses an out-of-band management, it might clutter the drawing.

Here a small topology with an out-of-band management for ovs-1, ovs-2 and ovs-3. Even in this small topology the management network is distracting.

Initial Project

To hide the management network I added a rectangle and lowered its layer (right-click, "Lower one layer"). Additionally I lowered the layer of Switch1. That way the links to Switch1 are put into a layer below the rectangle.

Hide Managent Layer - Inital Version

This hides the management links, but the border of the rectangle is disturbing.

Select the rectangle and open the style dialog (right-click, Style). Here you can set the border style to "No border". Optionally you can set the fill color to an opacity of 80%, this gives a faint view of the underlying network.

Hide Managent Layer - Final Version

If you need full access to the management layer, lower the rectangle by one more layer. Alternatively you can raise the Switch1 by one layer.